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Welcome to the web site for the best Triumph spares and repair facility in Scotland and northern parts of Englandshire. We have been working together as a team since 1981 so we have a collective experience of more than 140 years of restoring classic cars!

Tuning and performance enhancement
Whether you are interested in competition entries or just fast road use, our tuning specialists can get the most out of your car. Normally with low use vehicles the tuning is overlooked. We try to ensure that our customers get the level of vroom that the designers intended. Just because the car is old is no excuse for it not to go like new! Bring your machine in soon for a tweak, the engine will love you for it.

Accident repairs
Like it or not, your car can be involved in a bump no matter how defensively you drive. Imagine returning to a car park to find a bash in the corner of your wee jam jar. Insurance companies now recognise that owners of classic cars are more likely to protect the vehicle than drivers of ordinary vehicles. This investment results in fewer claims, but when repair work is needed, the skills required are not usually to be found in your local main dealership. We have made a business out of looking after Classic and Sports Cars, let us use our knowledge and experience to put your machine back to its former glory.

When a car needs to be moved, it should be done with care befitting the type, age and condition of the vehicle. We have a specialist vehicle for the movement of older vehicles and our experienced staff will take all the necessary steps to ensure safe transit of your pride and joy. Whether it is coming to us, or simply being relocated for your use, let us take the worry out of moving your pride & joy.